Cached Dreams, stream of prompts (2022)

Cached Dreams III
Cached Dreams VI
Cached Dreams IX

The individual artworks of the triptych have been exhibited alongside Toyen’s artworks during Non Fungible Castle exhibition at The Lobkowicz Palace in Prague, The Osaka Museum of Fine Arts, VAN HAM Auction House in Cologne, Beyond Basel at Miami Art Basel and Art Encounters Biennial 2023, Timisoara.

Cached Dreams IX is part of the Bundeskunstsammlung, the Federal Collection of Contemporary Art, Germany - the first AI artwork in this outstanding collection.

Virtual Presentation Soundscape: Sayaka Botanic

A tribute to female Surrealists, Cached Dreams (2022) sets in motion delicate flows and wanderings through subconscious fluidities, summoning latent imaginaries and rich cosmologies.

Despite current AI models' explicit allusions to the Surrealist movement, the work and sensibility of its vast network of female practitioners remains gravely ignored. This blatant exclusion does not only reassert a traditionally male-dominated art historical canon, but fails to acknowledge its fundamentally political dimension.

Weaving upon the alchemical writings of Ithell Colquhoun, these AI generated video works unearth a lesser known language through semantic invocations of current text-to-image models and the fairly opaque datasets at the core of their celebrated magic. 

The work aims to make visible and engage with the legacy and tender visions of these outstanding artists, whose abundant worlds and thinking proves to be ever so relevant to the countless struggles of the present.

Cached Dreams IX
Cached Dreams III/VI/IX, Art Encounters Biennal

Cached Dreams IX x Toyen, Lobkowicz Castle
Cached Dreams IX, 40x71cm, Bundeskunstsammlung
Cached Dream, Virtual Presentation
Cached Dreams, Catalogue Art Encounters