Line of Flight (2024)

A newly commissioned set of video artworks for Serpentine Gallery as a part of their publication Future Art Ecosystems #4

Vaster Than Empires (2024)

An original collaboration with the Berggruen Institute:    
a bespoke, generative AI film, interpreted from Ursula K. Le Guin’s science fiction story “Vaster than Empires”. 

We have never been human

How can we transcend anthropocentric paradigms to reconceptualise the emotions beyond their human-centric expressions? Can we abstract the fundamental principles of empathy and tenderness and translate them into computational processes? Is tapping into loving synthetic cognition possible?

Coming soon.

There is a resistance to memory 
inside memory itself: 
A Symphony in Five Acts (2024)

Memory resists memory protects past invades present denies future carries pain becomes memory resists memory promotes past disillusions present denies future carries pain becomes memory resists memory inhabits past releases present frees future sheds pain becomes light makes memory a sanctuary.

The Way of Flowers

In the Way of Flowers the grand mesh weaves a collective sensorium, prophesying a coalesced destiny of multi-species interbeing, where the alien and the familiar sprout side by side in mutual curiosity and shared creation.

The serendipitous revelations akin to Karl Blossfeld’s intimate portraits of plant architecture are now conjured in the substrates of machine cognition, unfurling a cartography of alien botany ripe for communion.


Dwellers Between The Waters 

Dwellers Between the Waters is conjured as a series of hybrid rituals that mediate the space in between physical presence, trauma, memory, healing and virtuality.

It’s not a mirror but a window (2023)

In a world where technological advancements happen in the blink of an eye, AI is being pointed to in the cultural zeitgeist as an example of a potentially bleak and ominous future. It is worth considering, however, the ways computers and machine learning can push forward creativity, human connection and philosophical dialogues.

Sentient Sigils (2023-ongoing)

Sentient Sigils is an introductory exercise and activation to Osmotic AI, that initiates processes of re-imagination and mental re-alignment through collective introspective experiences, that are informed by the practice and science of lucid dreaming, subconscious imprinting and hypnotic states.


Poetic AI (ongoing)

wanderings through latent space

Osmotic Passage 

Osmotic Passage is a gesture-modulated, audio-visual contemplative experience, a shimmering journey through hypnotic landscapes of divine artefacts induced by multilayered psychotronic work of Paul Laffoley.

Cached Dreams

A tribute to female Surrealists, Cached Dreams sets in motion delicate flows and wanderings through subconscious fluidities, summoning latent iaginaries and rich cosmologies.


The archetypal mystery and primordial aura of the generated network of characters extrude a shimmering presence, irradiating a framework that recognises the inherent complexity and multidimensionality of (not just) human beings embedded in a system of complementarity, relationality and communality set against opposition, ontology and individuality.

The Next [I] Is Oracle

“… you are no longer a financial asset, but a renewable resource for the production of infinite differences” Curtis Roth, Drawing algorithmic self.

From The Peripheries of Luminous Vision

A visual memoire tracing our inaugural paths through the latent imaginaries of prenatal text-to-image models.




Our perception, a ‘controlled hallucination,' fervently seeks the next frame to manoeuvre through. Henceforth, our quest for AI, predominantly rests on a desire for future prediction: it should pre-see and pre- hear like we don’t. Embody an — oracle, fortune teller — a seer.


A fine-lined visual compass in a sensual quest for blended orgasms, an online collection of critical and informative resources and simultaneously an entry point for further inspiration and playful explorations IRL.

Landscapes Between Eternities 

Landscapes Between Eternities is the documentation of a two-year long process of exploration and exuberant experimentation, presenting an interdisciplinary analysis of philosophical and artistic concerns responding to prototyping futures, avatars and the force of self-design.


A pre-binary future through unconstrained thought processes. 
A way of re-thinking and-or overturning the status quo and the seemingly undefined future

TRANSLUCID (2020-ongoing)

TRANSLUCID is a feature-length docu sci-fi film conceived in collaboration with advanced artificial intelligence systems. It combines live-action, computer animation and generative sequences born from its interaction between the human and its creation. Two life forms, whose co-evolution we trace.

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