Landscapes (2021)

Landscapes has been exhibited during AI Biennale Essen, SXSW, Vellum LA, Garage Rotterdam and featured in DIE ZEIT Mgazine and ARD Kultur amongst others.

Originally commissioned by Slanted Publishesr as 5000 unique magazine covers. 
Landscapes’ is our collaboration with adversarial networks at the command of data alchemists Martino Sarolli and Emanuela Quaranta.

These opalescent images, between portrait, still life and expressionist topography, stem from data sets based not only on our book Landscapes Between Eternities (2018, Distanz) but encompass a full creative process behind the scenes, material and movement tests, tryouts and errors - resulting in an intimate dialog with the adversarial networks (GANs) disclosing all our artistic practices, doubts and vulnerabilities.

Seeing ourselves as a cumulative network is a fertile way to understand our complexity and there is an immense power in seeing together all the emanations and the underlying networked logic behind the generation of these eerily archetypal beings.

The archetypal mystery and primordial aura of the generated network of characters extrude a shimmering presence, irradiating a framework that recognises the inherent complexity and multidimensionality of (not just) human beings embedded in a system of complementarity, relationality and communality set against opposition, ontology and individuality.

“(...) the body is examined, idolized, but also appears in a state of emergency: it is unstable seamlessly slipping between one virtual avatar and the other.”

“Circulating in a transitional reality, elements previously captured in conservation phases are set free and unexpected new combinations emerge thus uttering an urging invitation to re-imagine new forms for our being in the world” CROSSLUCID

“Because the alien and the artificial are always becoming, because they are always nor quite yet in existence, they help us produce new and ecstatic models of thinking and feeling, speaking and being” Nora M.Khan

Installation View, Hotel Blue, Vellum LA
Installation View, Hotel Blue
Installation View, Garage Rotterdam