Line of Flight (2024)

March 2024
FAE 4 
Five unique AI generated videos, length variable

A newely commissioned work for  
Future Art Ecosystems 4: Art x Public AI (FAE4)
Serpentine Gallery UK

Videos are available here

Future Art Ecosystems (FAE) is a project that was launched in 2020 by Serpentine Arts Technologies dedicated to building 21st century cultural infrastructure to support art x advanced technologies (AxAT) for the public good. Initially solely an annual strategic briefing, conceptualised in collaboration with Rival Strategy, it was designed as a resource to support organisational development for AxAT.

In 2024, FAE has evolved into a holistic ecosystem-oriented project that builds on the insights gained through the strategic briefings Future Art Ecosystems 1: Art x Advanced Technologies (2020), Future Art Ecosystems 2: Art x Metaverse (2021) and Future Art Ecosystems 3: Art x Decentralised Tech (2022). The briefings led to conversations, which led to the development of partnerships to facilitate projects that are focused on key priority areas for AxAT infrastructural development. 
For example, a collaboration between RadicalxChange and Serpentine Arts Technologies emerged as a result of the research for and subsequent release of Future Art Ecosystems 3: Art x Decentralised Tech. The project has grown into an ongoing body of work, Beyond Cultures of Ownership, which develops discourse and platforms experiments in new ownership and distribution models, such as the stewardship technology, Partial Common Ownership.

While each strategic briefing may represent a specific moment in the cultural technosocial context, the series as a whole represents a commitment to the development of the ideas on which it was built. This reflects the emergence of Future Art Ecosystems 4: Art x Public AI (FAE4) as both a response to the urgent issues of the current moment, and an attempt to chart a long-term vision for the cultural sector and AxAT specifically.

FAE4 is built on landscape mapping research, roundtables and interviews with artists, cultural producers, curators, technologists, policy-makers, and legal professionals.
(Source: FAE4)

FAE4, Line of Flight: Prelude (2024)

Line of Flight: Prelude (2024), Still

FAE4, Line of Flight: Organisation (2024)

Line of Flight: Organisation(2024), Still

FAE4, Line of Flight: Ecosystem (2024)

Line of Flight: Ecosystem (2024), Still

FAE4, Line of Flight: Intro (2024)

Line of Flight: Intro (2024), Still

FAE4, Line of Flight: Artist (2024)

Line of Flight: Artist (2024), Still