From The Peripheries of Luminous Vision (2022)

selected artworks exhibited during Techno Healing, Finding Resilience and Well-Being in a Digital World
at Zagreb Museum of Contemporary Art

The project is a visual memoire tracing our inaugural paths through the latent imaginaries of prenatal text-to-image models. 

This collection of 20 selected glimmers documents learning and attuning to a new, unfamiliar language. In them the nascent interiority of machine intelligence fuses with our lucid poetry, collage work, cultural influences and concepts. We learned the language and seen worlds beyond words. 

Mirrored back to us was a truthful glance at the unearthly beauty but also the utter darkness of our hyper-visual “end of an era”. 
Perhaps nothing rings more true than David Graeber's reminder that “the ultimate hidden truth of the world is that it is something we make and could just as easily make differently“