Osmotic Passage (2021)

Part of a year-long digital exhibition ‘Control The Virus Vol. 03 curated by Dateagleart x Hervisons. 

With a kind support of Arts Council England, Neustart Kultur & Deutscher Künstlerbund e.V.

OSMOTIC PASSAGE  is a gesture- modulated, contemplative experience, a shimmering journey through hypnotic landscapes of divine artifacts  induced by multilayered psychotronic work of Paul Laffoley.

Conceptualised and sculpted in VR, they derive their forms and fluidities from the multiple trainings on spiritual symbolism in conjunction with Adversarial Networks. 

The viewer, presented with a set of instructions, is invited to this introspection by assuming a trance-inducing pose, a mindful suspension in time and space, a mindful suspension in time & space daydreaming through an opalescent embroidery of sonic and visual paths composed by Giacomo Gianetta.

Lead by an anthropomorphic avatar through an opalescent embroidery of sonic and visual paths, they become a portal for individual and collective digital day dreaming. The experience is driven by their endurance and meditative perseverance. For the ones who choose to navigate long enough through the lucid trail, a bespoke content for personal divination will be spawned.