PRIMER (2018)

Experimental Short Film, 8min 

directed by CROSSLUCID
produced by Don Aretino x CROSSLUCID
original text: Ion Dumitrescu
camera: JJ Falsetta, Arthur Weir
cast: Steph Quinci,Peer Liening-Ewert, Jal Joshua
choreography: Steph Quinci
sound design: Giacomo Gianetta
voice: Tanny Cruz
3D artist: George Jasper Stone
architectural renders: Tucker van Leuwen-Hall
post production: JJ Falsetta
graphic design: kstihu
set illustrations: Ziga Tomori

Official Selection: Fringe!, Outfest LA, Winthertur Kurzfilmtage, Bilbao Short Film Festival, Clermond-Ferrand International Film Festival amongst others

Part of wrong.bennale  

PRIMER invites a shift in perspective. Where hybrid nomads evolve within islands of contemporary meaning and wonder, creating a fabulous surface inscribed by sensorial dreams and divinities. A newly formulated space for human encounter that may never occur, yet bearing the potential of a new unrestrained sphere of compassion and empathy, where diversity is a condition of truth.

The short film is a meditation on our turbulently fragmenting, transitory times where a manifold of symptoms and patterns suggest something truly new, something outside our current taxonomy, is happening. 
We experience these manifestations and the future they propose partially as a possible return to certain pasts, a gradual reconnecting with a pre-binary existence where a plethora of forms and realities and multinaturalism would have been the norm. 
To quote from Ion Dumitrescu, whose abstract theory ‘Pre’ has been a strong theoretical ground to our own perceptions and feelings: ’The collapse of a world as we know it gives birth to several.’