Soothsayer (2021)

26–JAN–2023 - 13-FEB-2023      
Postgender. NFT Biennal 

Group Show
Vellum LA  x Unicorn DAO | Los Angeles  
Curators: Alice Scope & Chanel Verdult

Neural network development by Martino Sarolli and Emanuela Quaranta

Our perception, a ‘controlled hallucination,'
fervently seeks the next frame to manoeuvre through. Henceforth, our quest for AI, predominantly rests on a desire for future prediction: it should pre-see and pre- hear like we don’t. Embody an— oracle, fortune teller —
a seer.

Its analytical mind, brimming with data, can at best only systemise, distinguish or connect according to the inputs we provide. It lacks, however, the delightful sensibility to attune to the absolutely new: “the flow of becoming that emerges from the magma of chaos” (Franco Bifo Berardi).

Only when artificial intelligence will be able to feel solitude, transcendence and orgasmic departures from life, will it have the tools to ponder on the subtle pauses within the present where the future hides.

“There is no death only an eternal flow
of interminable spirits prefiguring our future, when, naked, we’ll be pulled
into the whirlwind
of unimaginable beginning.”


A scene development from the upcoming feature film  ‘Translucid’ in co-creation with AI systems.