The Next [I] is Oracle (2023)

26–JAN–2023 - 13-FEB-2023      
Postgender. NFT Biennal 

Group Show
Vellum LA  x Unicorn DAO | Los Angeles  
Curators: Alice Scope & Chanel Verdult

3 channel AI generated video work, infinite loop 
Unnervingly, our Bayesian models depict us less like the relatively stable subjects perceived by others, and more like we might prefer to see ourselves: as disparate aggregates of faculties, histories and impulses evolving towards an always anticipated self to come.

… you are no longer a financial asset, but a renewable resource for the production of infinite differences 

No longer living in mass-indie times, ours is the age of loneliness; not because we feel loneliness today any more acutely than we used to, but rather because the models of ourselves manufactured by the corporate surveillance economy, attain value precisely through their industrialized isolation.

We are both/and, a citizen and not, an actualized self and a statistical data point allowing Oracle to more accurately forecast the next anonymous worker to log on to an ink-jet printer in a Columbus suburb. Self-design can no longer be understood as the obligation to wrest essences out from under appearances, but rather, as the exploitation of a vast catalog of selves now-constituted by design briefs that are utterly indifferent to one another.

(Curtis Roth, Drawing Algorithmic Self.) 

Installation View, Postgender, Vellum LA