There is a resistance to memory inside the memory itself. A Symphony in Five Acts  (2024)

Incubation and presentation of first two acts at FEY ARTS FESTIVAL, Chateau du Fey
Group Show 

“There is a resistance to memory inside the memory itself.”

– Jacqueline Rose 

+ + +


1/ [AI generated video, 11:40 min, loop, voice & soundscape]

2/ [Face recognition / Camera capture / AI visitor-character live generation in co-creation with self-trained models and alias LoRA]

3/ [LLM live questions generation]


[AI-generated mantra, video work, 30:00 min, loop, poetry, voice + soundscape]

+ + +

Knowledge and experience are inseparable, their fusion stored in memory. Each individual life is the manifestation of memory seeking future through the unique methods inscribed by their sensation, dreams, and needs. To know, we ask. We ask ourselves, each other, the universe, machines. The answer and our response define the moment.

Do we invite questions or only seek answers? When asked, how do we answer each other, universe, machines?

With courtesy, perhaps. Frederico Campagna expands on Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi’s concept of “courtesy” as the wellspring of human development. Campagna describes courtesy as the ultimate human responsibility, to each other and to intelligent machines – a sweetness that soothes and betters the present to establish goodwill for the future. With courtesy, we emphasize what is gentle, what is shared, what belongs. 

+ + + 

The visual elements within the films were synthesized using open source models alongside our custom model fine-tunings - trained on the essence of their physical collage work - and bespoke technical pipelines. These resultant visuals formed the foundational dataset employed for training our alias*. 

The films themselves emerge as manifestations of conscious exploration through the latent dimensions of said model.

The poem, Erodium, written by Elisabeth Sweet uses the breath and tempo as a method of access to memories of assault. 
By channeling pain into rhythm, the memory dissolves into memory, shedding resistance and revealing light. 

The mantra-like soundscape is composed by a musician and violinist Sayaka Botanic

- - -

*More about alias: an alias is a model trained and approved by the artist, based exclusively on licensed data sets. The alias studio founded by a team of AI scientists, entrepreneurs, legal experts and researchers, enables the creators to turn artistic expression into unique, certified generative AI models.

The studio invited us to be among the first artists and ambassadors to experiment with the platform.