Dwellers Between The Waters (2023)

08-MAY–2024 - 19-MAY-2024
Dwellers Between The Waters. Excavations.
Aleph Festival UNAM, CDMX

META CITY Architecture Biennale. Pavillion Design (The Sublimator) & Group Exhibition

Group Show | Meta City
Curators: Hans Ulrich Obrist & Venus Lau

Cao Fei, CROSSLUCID, Fei Yining, Jakob Kudsk Steensen, Lee Pivnik, Liam Young, Michael Wang, Lu Pingyuan & Wu Ziyang

+ + +13–NOV–2023 - 04 FEB 2024     
Dwellers Between The Waters. Foldings.
in collaboration with Natalia Sykorova

Public Art Commission
MQ ART BOX at MuseumsQuartier Wien
part of Vienna Art Week
Curator: Elisabeth Hajek

+ + +
NOV–2023 - DEC-2024      
Are You For Real: Rituals of Nascent Worlds

Group Show | virtual space 
Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (ifa)
Curators: Giulia Bini & Lívia Nolasco-Rózsás

Sahej Rahal, Moritz Jekat, CROSSLUCID,  Hollow, Lucile Olympe Haute, Jelena Viskovic & Federico Campagna,Nolan Oswald Dennis 

+ + +
NOV–2023 - 2024
For Data You Are, And To Data You Shall Return

Group Show | virtual space 
arebyte London &  Chronus Art Center Shanghai
Curators: Rebecca Edwards & BI Xin 

Alice Yuan Zhang, CROSSLUCID, Iris QU Xiaoyu, Rebecca Allen, Ruini Shi, April Lin, XU Haomin

+ + + 21–SEPT–2023 - 30-SEPT-2023     
Scenes From The Film. 

Solo Show | Expanded.Art | Berlin
Curator: Anika Meier

+ + +
06-SEPT-2023 - 28-JAN-2024     
Extensions of Self: An Exchange of Human and Artificial Intelligence 

Group Show | FC Carolinum, Linz
Curator: Eva Fischer

Stephanie Dinkins, CROSSLUCID, Emanuel Gollob, Holly Herndon + Mat Dryhurst, ResonAIte feat. Lynn Hershman Leeson, Michael Wallinger, Mimi Onuoha, Morehshin Allahyari, Silke Grabinger, Sougwen Chung & Claudia Larcher

a multi-channel installation, site-specific, AI-generated videos, soundscape, spoken word, mirror acrylic floor 

+ + +
06-JULY-2023 - 07-JULY-2023

AI for Good Summit, Geneva 
Curators: Jovanka von Wilsdorf & David Hanson 

+ + + 
11–FEB–2023 - 15-JUNE-2023 

Group Show 
Epoch Gallery | Virtual Exhibition  
Curator: Peter Wu

Connie Bakshi, Ana María Caballero, CROSSLUCID, Libby Heaney, Harvey Moon, Eddie Wong, Ziyang Wu & Mark Ramos

a site-specific installation: 2 rooms, 2 scenes from Dwellers, 3D Sculpts, AI environment, sound, spoken word

+ + + 
26–JAN–2023 - 13-FEB-2023      
Algorithmic Empathy. The Promises of AI 

Group Show
Expanded.Art x Vertical CryptoArt |  Berlin
Curator: Anika Meier

First stage of liminal wanderings within Dwellers 
16 artists explore the vast potential of future relationships between AI and creative expression to hypothesize on the not-so-distant future.

Anna Condo, CROSSLUCID, Marco DeAngelis, Olivera Đurđević, FAR, Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek, Veronica Kuri, Lars Nagler, Skye Nicolas, Chiara Passa, Ellie Pritts, Phillip Toledano, Mikey Woodbridge & Ezra Shibboleth, Ziyang Wu & Kira Xonorika

Dwellers Between the Waters (2023) is an AI-driven film and multi-channel installation, conjured as a series of hybrid rituals that mediate the space in between physical presence, trauma, memory, healing and virtuality.

Polyphonic in its artificially-intelligent framework, its numerous modalities could be experienced as a series of happenings that is chanted by various elemental entities such as waters, winds, earth, air, algorithm… as well as poetry, history, magic, human and more-than-human creatures…

Combing artificial intelligence with the practice of magic and alchemy, Dwellers Between the Waters seeks possible solutions in response to the traumas of the contemporary anthropos, while examining AI’s phenomenological and cognitive idiosyncrasy.

By evoking, cultivating and connecting various forms of consciousness in the virtual realms, Dwellers Between the Waters invites the ‘dwellers’ who inhabit in and among ‘realities’ to share their stories and experiences, which then feed back to the (so-called) reality as evolving strings materialising across both physical and virtual domains to invoke novel perspectives, catalyse the collaborative narration and a transformation of conceptual spaces.  In close collaboration with a scholar Oxi Peng and a musician Sayaka Botanic.

Forking Elastic Fictions, BTS, Dwellers Between The Waters
Forking Sweet Data, BTS, Dwellers Between The Waters
Exerpt from Synthetic Mournings, Dwellers Between The Waters
Still from Sythetic Mournings, Dwellers Between The Waters
Still from Fugitive Paths, Dwellers Between The Waters
Dwellers Between The Waters, Foldings, with Natalia Sykorova, 2023, MQ BOX, MuseumsQuartier Wien

Dwellers Between The Watres: Excavations, Palacio de La Autonomia,AlephFestival UNAM, CDMX, 2024

Sublimator Pavilion & Scenes from Dwellers Between The Waters, 2023

For Data You Are, And to Data You Shall Return, virtual exhibition, arebyte Gallery, London & Chronus Art Center, Shanghai

ARE YOU FOR REAL, Rituals for Nacient Worlds ifa, Institut fur Auslandsbeziehungen, virtual exhibition

Installation View, Extensions of Self, FC Carolinum, Linz

Installation View, Dwellers Between The Waters. Scenes From The Film. Expanded.Art, Berlin
Installation View, Algorithmic Empathy. The Promises of AI, Expanded.Art, Berlin

Instalation View, Room II,  Xenospace, Epoch Gallery