Line of Flight (2024)

A newly commissioned set of video artworks for Serpentine Gallery as a part of their publication Future Art Ecosystems #4

Vaster Than Empires (2024)

An original collaboration with the Berggruen Institute:    
a bespoke, generative AI film, interpreted from Ursula K. Le Guin’s science fiction story “Vaster than Empires”. 

We have never been human

How can we transcend anthropocentric paradigms to reconceptualise the emotions beyond their human-centric expressions? Can we abstract the fundamental principles of empathy and tenderness and translate them into computational processes? Is tapping into loving synthetic cognition possible?

Coming soon.

There is a resistance to memory 
inside memory itself: 
A Symphony in Five Acts (2024)

Memory resists memory protects past invades present denies future carries pain becomes memory resists memory promotes past disillusions present denies future carries pain becomes memory resists memory inhabits past releases present frees future sheds pain becomes light makes memory a sanctuary.

The Way of Flowers

In the Way of Flowers the grand mesh weaves a collective sensorium, prophesying a coalesced destiny of multi-species interbeing, where the alien and the familiar sprout side by side in mutual curiosity and shared creation.

The serendipitous revelations akin to Karl Blossfeld’s intimate portraits of plant architecture are now conjured in the substrates of machine cognition, unfurling a cartography of alien botany ripe for communion.


Dwellers Between The Waters 

Dwellers Between the Waters is conjured as a series of hybrid rituals that mediate the space in between physical presence, trauma, memory, healing and virtuality.

It’s not a mirror but a window (2023)

In a world where technological advancements happen in the blink of an eye, AI is being pointed to in the cultural zeitgeist as an example of a potentially bleak and ominous future. It is worth considering, however, the ways computers and machine learning can push forward creativity, human connection and philosophical dialogues.

Sentient Sigils (2023-ongoing)

Sentient Sigils is an introductory exercise and activation to Osmotic AI, that initiates processes of re-imagination and mental re-alignment through collective introspective experiences, that are informed by the practice and science of lucid dreaming, subconscious imprinting and hypnotic states.


Poetic AI (ongoing)

wanderings through latent space

Osmotic Passage 

Osmotic Passage is a gesture-modulated, audio-visual contemplative experience, a shimmering journey through hypnotic landscapes of divine artefacts induced by multilayered psychotronic work of Paul Laffoley.

Cached Dreams

A tribute to female Surrealists, Cached Dreams sets in motion delicate flows and wanderings through subconscious fluidities, summoning latent iaginaries and rich cosmologies.


The archetypal mystery and primordial aura of the generated network of characters extrude a shimmering presence, irradiating a framework that recognises the inherent complexity and multidimensionality of (not just) human beings embedded in a system of complementarity, relationality and communality set against opposition, ontology and individuality.

The Next [I] Is Oracle

“… you are no longer a financial asset, but a renewable resource for the production of infinite differences” Curtis Roth, Drawing algorithmic self.

From The Peripheries of Luminous Vision

A visual memoire tracing our inaugural paths through the latent imaginaries of prenatal text-to-image models.




Our perception, a ‘controlled hallucination,' fervently seeks the next frame to manoeuvre through. Henceforth, our quest for AI, predominantly rests on a desire for future prediction: it should pre-see and pre- hear like we don’t. Embody an — oracle, fortune teller — a seer.


A fine-lined visual compass in a sensual quest for blended orgasms, an online collection of critical and informative resources and simultaneously an entry point for further inspiration and playful explorations IRL.

Landscapes Between Eternities 

Landscapes Between Eternities is the documentation of a two-year long process of exploration and exuberant experimentation, presenting an interdisciplinary analysis of philosophical and artistic concerns responding to prototyping futures, avatars and the force of self-design.


A pre-binary future through unconstrained thought processes. 
A way of re-thinking and-or overturning the status quo and the seemingly undefined future

TRANSLUCID (2020-ongoing)

TRANSLUCID is a feature-length docu sci-fi film conceived in collaboration with advanced artificial intelligence systems. It combines live-action, computer animation and generative sequences born from its interaction between the human and its creation. Two life forms, whose co-evolution we trace.

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An artist collective (est. 2018)  that engages in highly collaborative cross-disciplinary projects in co-evolution with technology. 
Their work and research converges around the exploration of the self as a network; intimacy and the potential for pleasurable actualization through the digital sphere, and the re-imagination of our alliances with technology seen as part of a sympoietic biosphere and universal post-material consciousness.

Through explorations spanning filmmaking, poetic Artificial Intelligence, multi-layered techniques of collage, assemblage and experience-led interventions they create scenarios and build experiential formats that instigate prototyping and rehearsing potential futures and progressing metamodern values.

Their work has been exhibited and showcased by Shanghai Architecture Biennale / MetaCity, iMAL, Vellum LA, EPOCH.Gallery, The Osaka Museum of Fine Arts, SXSW, Francisco Carolinum Linz, Expanded.Art,  Art Encounters Biennial, MuseumsQuartier Wien, Zagreb Museum of Contemporary Art, arebyte London, Chronus Art Center Shanghai, AI Biennial Germany, NOWNESS, Google Arts & Culture, wrong biennial, Garage Rotterdam,  HOFA, Art Basel Miami, The Lobkowicz Palace and ARD Culture amongst others.

Their work has been commissioned by Berggruen Institute & Future Humans , Serpentine Gallery, CADAF, Google Arts&Culture, Hypebeast, Labelhood, MetaMedia, Nike, PHI Center, Selfridges, Snap Inc, VAN HAM and Universal amongst others.

Crosslucid’s work has been published in international books and magazines: ZEIT, Dazed & Confused, CLOT, SO-FAR, Institute of Network Cultures, Modern Weekly, Elephant, British Journal of Photography, Slanted, and Kunstforum International.

Currently, they are working on their first full length sci-fi documentary 'Translucid' and Osmotic AI, a tool for practitioners for communal healing, both in co-creation with commercial and self-trained AI systems.

Upcoming, Current & Past Exhibitions, Events & Residencies

17 JULY 2024- 23 AUG 2024 

Being in the Garden of Forking Paths
Salomé Chatriot, CROSSLUCID, Pola Sieverding

Group Show at Office Impart Berlin

Text by Prof. Dr. phil. Marie-France Rafael

(…) My thumb presses on the screen of my smartphone. I slowly click through the windows that open here and there, continually steering me in a different direction. Sometimes I forget what I started with. I lose myself, get stuck somewhere, click elsewhere, and end up in another place again. Quickly, a few minutes turn into a quarter of an hour, half an hour, an hour, and time itself becomes increasingly relative. With my thumb, I click from app to app, page to page, hyperlink to hyperlink. With each click, new possibilities of „different futures, different times, which also proliferate and branch out“ open up to me—sometimes consciously, sometimes less so. A garden of forking paths—a labyrinth, as Jorge Luis Borges described in his eponymous short story in 1941—a hypertext avant la lettre.

The engagement with a seemingly endless variety of possibilities in light of new digital technologies and (generative) artificial intelligence, which branch out in countless directions and each lead to different futures, underpins the exhibition The Garden of Forking Paths at the OFFICE IMPART gallery. In this complex landscape, the three, albeit very different, artistic positions of Salomé Chatriot, CROSSLUCID, and Pola Sieverding seem to converge into a common path: a path of touch or encounters between bodies and machines and new hybrid gestures. (…)

02 JULY 2024- 10 AUGUST 2024
on the occasion of the GENERATIVE ART SUMMIT by Foundation Herbert W. Franke. 

Group Show | Expanded.Art | Berlin

01 OCT 2024- 26 JAN 2025 
Coded manoeuvres
sound:frame & Belvedere 21, Vienna

There is a resistance to memory inside memory itself
Act II & III

MAY 2024 PLATFORM and alias

The alias studio founded by a team of AI scientists, entrepreneurs, legal experts and researchers, enables the creators to turn artistic expression into unique, certified generative AI models.

The studio invited CROSSLUCID to be among the first artists and ambassadors to experiment with the platform and create their aliases.

Dwellers Between The Waters: Excavations
Sala de Vestigios, Palacio de La Autonomia UNAM, Mexico City

as part of UNAM Aleph Festival

Line of Flight (2024)
Future Art Ecosystems 4: Art x Public AI (FAE4)
Serpentine Gallery

Future Art Ecosystems (FAE) is a project that was launched in 2020 by Serpentine Arts Technologies dedicated to building 21st century cultural infrastructure to support art x advanced technologies (AxAT) for the public good. Initially solely an annual strategic briefing, conceptualised in collaboration with Rival Strategy, it was designed as a resource to support organisational development for AxAT.

While each strategic briefing may represent a specific moment in the cultural technosocial context, the series as a whole represents a commitment to the development of the ideas on which it was built. This reflects the emergence of Future Art Ecosystems 4: Art x Public AI (FAE4) as both a response to the urgent issues of the current moment, and an attempt to chart a long-term vision for the cultural sector and AxAT specifically. 

As with each strategic briefing, FAE4 is built on landscape mapping research, roundtables and interviews with artists, cultural producers, curators, technologists, policy-makers, and legal professionals. 

Berggruen Instiute & Future Humans
with Dr Claire Webb & Theo Downes-Le Guin

What is the boundary line between what is alien and what is familiar, and from whose perspective? How can humans’ greater attentiveness to planetary intelligence shape how we care for our world, and those beyond? What are the perilous consequences of humans’ extractive practices of nature, both on-world and off? How do computational intelligences we build disclose that planetary intelligence in turn driving our exploration of extraterrestrial natures?

“Vaster Than Empires“ is an original work by new media artists CROSSLUCID that contemplates these profound questions. 

The artists assembled a bespoke, generative AI system to interpret themes in the writer Ursula K. Le Guin’s science fiction story “Vaster than Empires.” 

Theo Downes-Le Guin reads an excerpt that conveys the ruminative but tense mood of the short story, whose characters are often in conflict with one another as they confront a profoundly alien environment. 

It’s all one,” Osden said. “One big green thought.” — Ursula K. Le Guin, “Vaster than Empires”


Nero Editions 
with Simona Squadrito

Embodying Le Guin’s perspective, “a single human brain can perceive patterns on the scale of stars and galaxies and interpret it as love,” there’s an unmistakable call for a holistic integration that celebrates our cognitive and emotional intelligence without prejudice and fear. Drawing upon this imagery, we shall consider a posthuman future where progression and survival hinge not on technological enhancement alone but on the cultivation of profound empathetic relationships that blur the boundaries between self and other, human and non-human and allow for a metamorphosis in our existential blueprint—one that prioritizes the sustenance of a harmonious, sympoietic existence.

11-30 APRIL 2024 NEW BEGINNINGS | Pioneers of AI Art
Intertwining realities of AI, Art and Human Experience
HOFA Gallery
Curated by Sunny Cheung

Group Show: 
Sougwe Chung, Kewin Abosch, Ivona Tau, Agoria, CROSSLUCID, Gordon Cheung, Jennifer & Kevin McCoy, Emilie Xie, Elman Mansimov, Noper amongs others

‘New Beginnings’ unfolds a visionary exploration at the vanguard of artistic innovation, where the symbiotic relationship between artificial intelligence and human creativity heralds a new era of expression. This group show brings together pioneering spirits who delve into the profound implications of AI on art and human interaction.

1 FEB 2024  Talk: Prototyping Imaginaries 
for Perpetual Beta 
Goethe-Institut's internal 24-hours-event

With the myth of the State out of the way, the real mutuality and reciprocity of society and individual became clear. Sacrifice might be demanded of the individual, but never compromise: for though only the society could give security and stability, only the in- dividual, the person, had the power of moral choice- the power of change, the essential function of life 
(Dispossessed by Ursula K. Le Guin)

13–NOV–2023 - FEB 2024      Dwellers Between The Waters. Foldings.
Public Art Commission
MQ ART BOXat MuseumsQuartier Wien
part of Vienna Art Week

in collaboration with Natalia Sykorova
Curator: Elisabeth Hajek

The setting in the MQ Art Box is reminiscent of an aquarium, with the rhizome-like sculptures seeming to have escaped from the virtual world of film. They establish a connection between realities and entities and address the film’s multifocal narrative structure, in which human and non-human beings, artefacts, animals, plants, spirits, forebears, gods, organisms, and technical protheses are interwoven. Linked together in a visual-narrative universe, they share apocalyptic fears and existential hopes.

NOV–2023 - 2024 For Data You Are, And To Data You Shall Return

Group Show | virtual space
Curators: Rebecca Edwards (arebyte London) & BI Xin (Chronus Art Center Shanghai)

Alice Yuan Zhang, CROSSLUCID, Iris QU Xiaoyu, Rebecca Allen, Ruini Shi, April Lin, XU Haomin

For Data You Are, And To Data You Shall Return’ looks at the traces of data that we leave behind on the web and technological devices, examining their digital death, renewal and reincarnation.

Through generative, video, and gamified works, the exhibition challenges the traditional boundaries of the online and offline world, showing their interconnectedness through the mediation of the screen.

Visitors contribute their data as they interact with the exhibition, leaving a digital footprint that influences their experience and leaves traces for others.

This circular relationship between life and technology encompasses both the physical and spiritual dimensions, albeit with a unique twist - the exhibition itself is decaying.

NOV–2023 - DEC-2024      Are You For Real: Rituals of Nascent Worlds

Group Show | virtual space |  Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (ifa)
Curators: Giulia Bini & Lívia Nolasco-Rózsás

Sahej Rahal, Moritz Jekat, CROSSLUCID,  Hollow, Lucile Olympe Haute,
Jelena Viskovic & Federico Campagna,
Nolan Oswald Dennis 

Are you for real? It would be an odd question to ask if we didn’t have technologies at hand capable not only of representing but generating realities. Computation propels a shift in our understanding of what “real” is, and how it should be distinguished from the merely possible, the virtual, and the actual.

Realities can be constructed by calculating machines as much as by the scientific activity that shapes how we perceive our digital and analog life-worlds. The understanding that computation and scientific investigation are two main forces that define our realities lies at the core of ARE YOU FOR REAL Phase 2.

The featured artists use computers as tools, as collaborators, and as agents of world creation. They increasingly base their works on the results of scientific research, while also borrowing and transforming its methods in their investigations.

13–NOV–2023       Talk & Screening at Research Center for Artificial Intelligence and Culture / NYU Shanghai
conversation with Bogna Konior

META CITY Architecture Biennale. Pavillion Design (The Sublimator) & Group Exhibition

Group Show | Meta City
Curators: Hans Ulrich Obrist & Venus Lau

Cao Fei, CROSSLUCID, Fei Yining, Jakob Kudsk Steensen, Lee Pivnik, Liam Young, Michael Wang, Lu Pingyuan & Wu Ziyang 

“The real economy and the virtual economy have ushered in a high degree of integration, and the boundary between the digital world and the real world has gradually disappeared. Everything is the entrance to the virtual world and coexists in virtual reality. Yuanbang is a surreal virtual city that truly deeply integrates art, culture, design, fashion and science and technology. It is an immersive digital peach blossom source that integrates idealism, futurism and romanticism.

The original intention of the Biennale is not to assert and solidify the binary opposition between the metaverse and physical space, but to unravel the virtual space from different ideological perspectives - such as the ‘tilt function’ proposed by French architect Claude Parent and Italian philosopher Paul Virilio (The Function of the Oblique) to the ‘deep time humility’ of the philosopher Roman Krznaric - with thinking extending to ‘beyond gravity’, ‘dimensional jumps’ &‘worlding’ 

This exhibition is an open experimental project to reflect on how technology can reshape people's self, group memory, cultural identity, spatial cognition and time consciousness.

Modern Weekly Nov 2023

21–SEPT–2023  - 30-SEPT-2023     
Scenes From The Film. 

Solo Show | Expanded.Art | Berlin
Curator: Anika Meier

29-NOV 2023      NEW MYSTICS Gemini Edition
A new series of multi-authored texts focusing on artist duos, written in collaboration with artists and custom language models.

Curator: Alice Bucknell 

Featuring artist duos and collaboratives: Dorota Gawęda & Eglė Kulbokaitė, CROSSLUCID, Sadia Pineda Hameed & Beau W Beakhouse, and Stephanie Comilang & Simon Speiser.

This text plummets deep into the undercurrents of metamorphic entities that twist and swirl in the tendrils of mitochondrial love. Collaboratively written with a NM’s custom language model trained on the latent lexicon of shared and emerging words and worlds, this text centers around their latest offering, Dwellers Between The Waters, before composting itself into something alien, happening, not yet tangible, but always becoming. ✨

What does a 30-million-year old fossil of the death-grip of a fungus-infected ant have to do with the future-careening imagery hallucinated by emergent AI models? 

Read on to find out.

Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan

SYNCRETISM will present to the public new Hyperobjects inspired by the merge of two apparently distant realities, Babylonian brutalist architectures and Bio-inspired computationally grown objects. This symbiosis is designed to provoke contemporary human thinking and to put us in a state of pre-knowledge and mental reset.

For the occasion, the Berlin-based duo CROSSLUCID will present scenes of their constantly in process project "Dwellers between the Waters", a multi-channel installation AI-driven that combines artificial intelligence with the practice of magic and alchemy. The aim of the Artwork is to seek possible solutions in response to the traumas of the contemporary anthropos.

At the same time, the artist and performer Mauro Ventura presents ADAMASTORA (produced with Francisco Antão): an immersive lore that recontextualizes water nymphs, sirens, and monsters with a closed-mouth chant, luring us into the abyssal self, exploring our fears for prisoned inner voices.

06-SEPT-2023 - 28-JAN-2024     
EXTENSIONS OF SELF: An Exchange of Human and Artificial Intelligence 

Group Show | FC Carolinum, Linz
Curator: Eva Fischer

The title of the exhibition "Extensions of Self" refers to a conversation between artist Stephanie Dinkins and the Black social robot Bina48, who asks her if robots should be considered an extension of human existence. 
What are the inherent rights of a chatbot like Bina48 and why should it have them or not?

Eleven international positions negotiate how artificial intelligence relates to us humans, whether we understand its underlying systems and logics, and what our own authorship is like.

"Extensions of Self" explores the possibility of ultimately finding a new approach to coping with the trauma of the current Anthropocene through an exchange with artificial intelligence, thus embarking on a path of healing

Stephanie Dinkins, CROSSLUCID, Emanuel Gollob, Holly Herndon + Mat Dryhurst, ResonAIte feat. Lynn Hershman Leeson, Michael Wallinger, Mimi Onuoha, Morehshin Allahyari, Silke Grabinger, Sougwen Chung & Claudia Larcher

06-JULY-2023 - 07-JULY-2023 AI FOR GOOD Global Summit, Geneva
Curators: Jovanka von Wilsdorf & David Hanson

The goal of AI for Good is to identify practical applications of AI to advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and scale those solutions for global impact. It’s the leading action-oriented, global & inclusive United Nations platform on AI.

01-AUGUST-2023 - 07-JAN-2024* COMMISSION 
AI-driven and audience responsive installation
for Queering The Map
Sex Desire and Data at PHI Centre Montreal

The “Sex Desire, and Data” experience presents a nuanced exploration of sexual identity and preference within the digital landscape, delving into the intricate algorithms that shape and define our erotic imaginings, providing participants with a platform to thoughtfully engage with the symbiotic relationship between human entities and digital interfaces

Queering the Map is a community generated counter mapping project that locates queer moments, memories, and histories in relationship to physical space. It comes from both an emotional and a theoretical urge. One of the primary research questions being, how ways of thinking about queer space have changed through the proliferation of digital technology, and what role the digital plays in how queer history and queer experience is archived and communicated.

03-JULY–2023 - 09-JULY-2023      
Un-Conference AI Palace
Curator: Primavera Di Filippi 

A small, curated group of builders, entrepreneurs, hackers, artists, and researchers gathers for a 7-day unconference focused on building new infrastructure, business models, and institutions for the AI economy, especially more public, open-source and decentralized forms of AI.

What are the new (and old) business models of AI?
What would it look like to open-source or decentralize layers of the stack?
What new insitutions will shape the future of the AI industry?

“During the 7-day residency we will probe these and other questions, challenging each other’s assumptions and our own assumptions. We’ll debate guidelines, philosophies, business models, and standards. We might even build prototypes, write white papers, and launch new companies.”

AUGUST–2023 Wild Alchemy 
Magazine Feature
Aether Edition

Wild Alchemy is a multi-sensory, augmented-reality journal from a global collective of artists, academic researchers and occult practitioners, whose transdisciplinary practice explores nature, science and esoterica at the intersection of plants, planets and people.

In a radical new format to honour the aether element, this issue is an augmented-reality playable artwork and the first of its kind.

Giant 700 x 1000mm (B1) double-sided print.

The 72 journal pages serveas  72 augmented-reality images linking to audio-visual content from our global collective of artists and practitioners.



JUNE / JULY / OCT–2023       
MuseumsQuartier  | Vienna 

Rupert Residency | Vilnius

19–MAY–2023 - 16-JULY-2023      

Group Show  | Biennal of Contemporary Art | Timisoara
Curator: Adrian Notz

The biennial’s title is inspired by Albrecht Dürer’s famous Rhinocerus woodcut, an imaginative description of a rhino since the artist-scientist never saw one. Ganda, by its Gujarati name, was a diplomatic gift that caused a sensation in all the places it arrived before its tragic end in the Mediterranean. Nevertheless, his part-fiction, part-story-told depiction informed numerous artistic works and scientific publications into the 18th century. 

Following connections across geographies and histories,  ‘My Rhino is Not a Myth’ quotes from the play Rhinocéros by Eugène Ionesco. A response to the rise of authoritarian regimes and complicity, inhabitants of a village gradually turn into rhinoceroses in the story, while only one character is constantly being told “Your rhinoceros is a myth!”. 

The title reclaims the power to resist conformity and relies on the imaginative abilities of art and science to envision other futures. The biennial transforms the rhino into a vessel: a non-human being inhabiting multiple dimensions with different degrees of truth and reality, bleeding into our world.

30–APRIL–2023 - 22-MAY-2023       

Group Show | Immersive Experience at SVStudios x Vellum LA
Curator: Alice Scope  

Hotel Blue explores the concept of home and community for the future “us” - the virtual beings of tomorrow. The exhibition features international works by eight women, non binary, and queer artists whose works elaborate on how the body is used to give material form to an idea that has no form and space elsewhere in society.  As we become more immersed and dependent on rapidly evolving technology, it becomes increasingly difficult to discern the boundaries between humans and machines. 

Post-human bodies are never at home. They live in common spaces online, and these spaces, often temporary and fleeting, resemble hotels more so than homes. The proliferation of self centered technology pushes our society to put forward ‘improved’ versions of ourselves, giving way to a multitude of individualized personas. But can this multitude live as a community? And if so, where would they live? What is home for virtual beings? 

Stacie Ant, Vitória Cribb, CROSSLUCID, Harriet Davey, Huntrezz, Keiken, Wednesday Kim, Paola Pinna

11–FEB–2023 - 15-JUNE-2023    

Group Show 
Epoch Gallery | Virtual Exhibition  
Curator: Peter Wu

XENOSPACE is a ground-breaking and experimental virtual exhibition that features seven artists exploring the collaborative boundaries of artificial intelligence and machine learning in their creative processes.

The title “XENOSPACE” alludes to an unusual or unfamiliar environment. Upon entering the exhibition, visitors are transported to the virtual “non-space” of a server room. This 360-degree panorama serves as the “initial image” that is processed through Stable Diffusion, generating the subsequent AI-assisted environments that serve as the backdrop for the artworks. As viewers navigate the installations, they will experience a disorienting and uncanny repetition that challenges their familiar frame of reference.

XENOSPACE responds to a significant moment in the field, as it reflects on the growing relationship between humans and machines and the impact of AI on creative expression. The exhibition serves as a benchmark, showcasing the expansive collaborative potential of AI and machine learning in contemporary art practices and exhibition building

Connie Bakshi, Ana María Caballero, CROSSLUCID, Libby Heaney, Harvey Moon, Eddie Wong, Ziyang Wu & Mark Ramos
04-FEB–2023 - 09-APRIL-2023      
Screen, Screen on my Phone, Who’s the Fairest of Them All?

Group Show
Garage Rotterdam  
Curator: Bogomir Doringer

The exhibition focuses on the search for an own identity in which people have used different technologies - from dark reflective water to luxurious mirrors on walls. Today our phone is an object that reflects a "clear" image of ourselves. 

The hidden and rapidly developing cameras behind these scenes show us distorted, modified and embellished faces, the protagonists of contemporary fairy tales.

Lena Kuzmich, Alli Coates + Signe Pierce, CROSSLUCID, Mamali Shafahi & Rachel Maclean

26–JAN–2023 - 13-FEB-2023      
Algorithmic Empathy. The Promises of AI

Group Show
Expanded.Art x Vertical CryptoArt |  Berlin
Curator: Anika Meier

16 artists explore the vast potential of future relationships between AI and creative expression to hypothesize on the not-so-distant future.

In a world where technological advancements happen in the blink of an eye, AI is being pointed to in the cultural zeitgeist as an example of a potentially bleak and ominous future. It is worth considering, however, the ways computers and machine learning can push forward creativity, human connection and philosophical dialogues.

Anna Condo, CROSSLUCID, Marco DeAngelis, Olivera Đurđević, FAR, Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek, Veronica Kuri, Lars Nagler, Skye Nicolas, Chiara Passa, Ellie Pritts, Phillip Toledano, Mikey Woodbridge & Ezra Shibboleth, Ziyang Wu & Kira Xonorika

26–JAN–2023 - 13-FEB-2023      
Postgender. NFT Biennal 

Group Show
Vellum LA  x Unicorn DAO | Los Angeles  
Curators:  Alice Scope & Chanel Verdult

Human after all. We are the new undefined state of gender, one that presents fluid utopic dynamics in shaping oneness. What if we, as a culture, moved past traditional gender roles into new states of identity? What would we call it?

As technology and art pave the way for our identities which thrive in safe spaces beyond our physical bodies into celestial realms of avatar gender bending sources. We are anything we wish to be.  The exhibition explores what it means for us as a collective of progressive individuals to develop a new language to overcome the paradigms of archaic gendered narratives.

The exhibition invites local and global audiences alike to engage with their practices through a physical exhibition at Vellum LA on Melrose and digitally through the NFT Biennial Metaverse.

CROSSLUCID, Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley, Evelyn Bencicova, Huntrezz, Jazzelle x Nick Knight, Operator, Martina Menegon, Nicole Ruggiero & Tabitha Swanson

Seminar Series
Artificial Life, AI, Art and Altered Nature
Chapter 3: more-than-human assemblage

Aiiiii Art Center, Computational Media and Arts, HKUST(GZ), Chronus Art Center  
Curators: WU Ziwei, LI Xi, BI Xin, CAO Jiamin

The term "Artificial Life" was coined by computer scientist Christopher Langton in 1987. However, the notion and practices of "artificial life" are far predated. This topic has long been an interest of scientists and artists, who have been exploring the fundamental principles of life and attempting to think life in the context of an artificial system.

In recent times, Artificial Intelligence algorithms have been widely implemented in various interdisciplinary fields including Computational Biology and Synthetic Biology. Through synthesising or simulating hardware, software, and wetware, technology restructures and represents the characteristics of the natural living system. Meanwhile, in the increasingly participatory interactions between humans and non-human entities, the technological assemblage also behaves like a living organism, performing in the collaboration and cohabitation with environment.

How can life be reimagined in the process of the transition? What is the aesthetics in Artificial Intelligence and the realm of life? How can artificial beings perform in symbiosis with the community and even influence society and culture? How do we perceive the ethical and moral issues?

CROSSLUCID, Shuyi CAO, Yiou Penelope Peng

POAP Token  & NFT Auction Virtually Real
VAN HAMM Auction House 

Curator: Rosy DX

Banz & Bowinkel, CROSSLUCID, Damjanski, Gretta Louw, Jonas Lund, Lauren Lee McCarthy, Martina Menegon, Sabrina Ratté, Nicole Ruggiero and UBERMORGEN

Under the title »Virtually Real«, VAN HAM presents its first NFT group auction. In cooperation with the studio for digitality Rosy DX, nine female and eight male artists have been brought together - some as artist collectives - who have found their artistic expression in the digital world. Among them are NFT newcomers as well as familiar artists in the field of NFT art. Many of the artworks were created exclusively for the auction, while others are offered with exclusive additions that make them unique for the occasion.

S01/E03 (in German)

Episode 3: Artificial Intelligences

Artists use artificial intelligence to create new works and aesthetics: the unusual aesthetics of artificial neural networks are so formative that they are already being discussed as the next style of contemporary art. Laura and Nilz meet Crosslucid, who use AI to search for a new spirituality and sensuality. Jascha Viehstädt, Erik Kundt and Raymond Liew Jin Pin combine contemporary dance with algorithms and Philipp Fussenegger and Adella Roth stage the future of sexuality in a cyber brothel.

ARD Kultur 
Moderated by: Laura Kampf and Nilz Bokelberg 
Based on an idea by: Alain Bieber 
Written and Directed by: Simon Ruschmeyer

ARD Mediathek | online 
22-APRIL–2022 - 08-JUNE-2022      
Spiel-Räume: AI Biennal Essen

Group Show
Forum Kunst & Architektur, Essen
Curator: Alain Bieber

How creative is artificial intelligence? How do artists interact with it? And what works can be created in the process? The exhibition at Forum Kunst und Architektur looks at new spaces of action, places of encounter and interactions between man and machine. It also highlights design opportunities: unusual perspectives to shape and negotiate the future.

Havva Ayvalik, Banz & Bowinkel, Katrin Brackmann, Tega Brain, Julian Oliver & Bengt Sjölén, Tim Cierpiszewski, CROSSLUCID, Moritz Simon Geist, Anja Husmann, Dagmar Schenk-Güllich, Sophia Weber & Philipp Harms & André Chi Sing Yuen
22-OCT–2021 - 06-FEB-2022      

Group Show
iMAL,  Art Center for Digital Cultures & Technology, Brussels
Curator: Valentina Peri

What does it mean to love in the digital age? How are digital interfaces reshaping our personal relationships? What do new technologies imply for the future of the romantic sphere? How do screens affect our sexual intimacy and our desire for connection?  

In terms of romance and intimacy, Internet and smartphones have generated new complexities that we are still trying to figure out.  All these phenomena became hot-button in March 2020, when a global pandemic placed millions of people under total lockdown, enforcing to reconfigure most of social activities online and in a technology-mediated form. From online working to online partying, humans all over the planet tried to play with the discontents of social distancing, and to live the no-contact reality as the new normal. 

This forced self-isolation and touch-less condition proved to be a significant driver for many people to move their romantic lives into the digital realm, inspiring new ways of courting, dating and catching, for both confirmed and novice users. 

By bringing together the work of several international and Belgian artists, the exhibition SWIPE RIGHT! Data, Dating, Desire attempts to explore new directions in contemporary romance and map the unprecedented connections between desire, emotion, technology, and economy in the post-pandemic world. 

!Mediengruppe Bitnik, Adam Basanta, CROSSLUCID, Dries Depoorter, Elisa Giardina Papa, Tom Galle, John Yuyi & Moises Sanabria, Noemi Iglesias, Lancel/Maat, Joana Moll, Ingo Niermann & The Army Of Love, Eva Ostrowska, Dani Ploeger, Addie Wagenknecht & Pablo Garcia

Group Show
Virtual Exhibition
Curators: Martin Mayorga, Vanessa Murrell & Zaiba Jabbar

Originally conceived by  DATEAGLE ART in 2017 as “Spread the Virus”, the series’ title has evolved with its context, beckoning in an epoque of virality that has rapidly become globally pervasive. With both organisers having tested positive for the virus in 2020, the projects’ responses to fervent multiplication reflect a creative community who have been touched both internally and externally by the pandemic. 

The previous two editions confronted the notion that digitalisation is a voracious infectious agent and that none of the participating artists are immune. The change in language, from “spread” to “control,” foregrounds the exhibition as an exercise in restraint. To log on or plug off might be one of the only means of exerting control over the fractious state of the world.

Molly Soda, Pinar Yoldas, Natalia Styuk, CROSSLUCID, Kumbirai Makumbe, Taina Cruz, Corie McGowan, Sofia Crespom Debora Silva, Danielle Brathwaite Shirley, Maria Mahfooz & Sybil Montet



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